A/B/Y Switch Box

This is a Passive  A/B/Y switch box with input grounding (for the input not in use).  There are some examples of how to use this box below.  The circuit is passive except for the LED indicators to indicate which "channel" is active. The two channels are interchangable as input or output channels as illistrated in the examples below.

This project is more complicated than some due to the input grounding.  There are some simpler version schematics in the section below these project files, in case you want to chose a simpler version.

Here are some Diagrams with Active Buffers in the A/B/Y switcher. Once you put active components in it, it can no longer be used "reversable". It either has A/B/Y inputs or A/B/Y outputs, but not both. So here is a buffered version of each.  These use either the ICBUF PCB or the Dual ICBUF PCB availlable from this site.

Here are some other examples of ABY switch boxes. We chose the project above as being the best since it has grounding for the unused channel and a separate "A and B" LED indicator, so that when you come out of the "And" mode you will know which channel you will be on.

Buy a A/B/Y Switch Box Complete Kit. Includes all the parts and materials you need to build one, all for about the price you would pay for the parts.

Here are some diagram examples of some of the most common uses of a passive A/B/Y switch.

Example 1 is to split your signal into two amps.  With this box, you would be choosing the signal to go to either amp A or amp B.  We highly recommend you use the "Input Grounded"  wiring, as we use in our top project here.  Otherwise you are leaving an open plug into your unused amp and it will most likely buzz loudly.


Example 2 is used if you have two guitars into one rig, live or in the studio. Here the 2 channels are input channels, one for each guitar, with the output going to your pedal board or amp.






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