These links are related to some of our spiritual beliefs. If you’re unfamiliar with these links, we encourage you to keep an open mind and take a look.   Otherwise, just skip down to the next section.

Karl Coke Evangelistic Association
Scripture Typer An awesome app for memorizing Bible
E-Sword Great Bibles & associated resources!
Bible Gateway Online Bible(s)
Blue Letter Bible Another online Bible(s)

Do-It-Yourself Guitar Effects Links

GEOFEX – Guitar Effects Oriented – Required reading
Aron Nelson’s Stompbox Forum Page – The Best DIY stompbox Forum
Small Bear Electronics LLC More projects, information and a great part source
Mark Hammer’s Articles – Long Lost Do-It-Yourself articles, a very good resource. – Some great DIY information for guitarists.
Ampage Sound Samples – Lots of home-built effects pedal sound samples.
Runoff Groove
Fuzz Central
DIY Guitarist
Moosapotamus – Great stompbox building mods and information.
Wah Wah Co – Cool Wah Wah Site
Stellan Lehrberg’s Effects
gaussmarkov: diy fx
Guitar Related Circuits
Analog Guitar and Bass Music Effect Clones
Mutron Biphase Clone
Guitar Amp and Effects Projects
John Hollis – Assorted Circuit Designs

Electronics Parts Links

Stompbox Parts suppliers

All Electronics Corporation
Mouser Electronics
Keystone Electronics
Electronix Express
Circuit Specialists
Micro-Mark – The Small Tool Specialists