Ross™ Compressor

This is a Vintage Ross Compressor Replica project.   The Ross and it's many, many boutique copies available today are extremely popular with today's players of all styles.  This compressor is similar to the MXR Dynacomp Compressor (either can be built on the same PCB).  

Would you like a Ready to Solder Circuit Board for this project?


Below is a PDF file from the GEOFEX site that has good description of how it works, but the actual layout has some part value errors (listed below).  Reference this file only if you are interested in the text of how it works.  The layout part values have errors as listed below and this is not the layout that we now have available for this project.


Please Note:There are errors in the GEOFEX PDF file.

  • C2 should be value of 220pF, the parts list lists it as 0.0022uF (2200pF).
  • C11 should be value 0.001uF instead of 0.01uF
  • C12 should be 0.01uF instead of 0.1uf

The values listed in the PDF file for C2 and C11 will cause a substantial loss in treble sounds. Trim pot is 2k value.


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