What does Pot Taper mean? Audio? Log? Linear?
The taper of a pot (potentiometer) is a description of how the amount of variable resistance relates to the rotation of the pot. This can be visually represented on a graph with resistance represented on the Y-axis and pot rotation represented on the X-axis. Some of the names of the tapers relate to how this relationship draws out on the graph. For example Linear taper is a straight line (linear) at 45 degrees up across graph. Log taper shows a logarithmic graph line. As it turns out, due to the physics of our hearing, a logarithmic taper actually sounds linear when used as a volume control. Therefore the Log taper is sometimes referred to as Audio taper since it's used extensively in audio volume control applications. You can see how these graphs look towards the bottom of the "Secret Life Of Pots" link below explaining more about pots.

Read this Secret Life Of Pots Article from the GEOFEX site to get a good understanding of pots and tapers.

Again, Audio taper is the same thing as Log taper. The two terms are interchangable.

The taper of a pot is designated with a letter stamped onto the back (or side, or front) of most pots. WARNING: the "A" & "B" designations are not the same worldwide! The designations that I know of are these:


  • A - Audio or Log taper
  • B - Linear taper
  • C - Reverse Log taper
  • G - Graphic taper
In Europe
  • A - Linear taper
  • B - Audio or Log taper
  • C - Reverse Log taper
  • G - Graphic taper

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