Buffer – IC

Single IC Buffer

This is a simple IC Buffer you can build with just a few parts. Thanks to Jack Orman at AMZ and improvements posted by Dirk Wacker at Single Coil.com (almost at the bottom of the page is: Buffer PDF )

  Dual IC Buffer Here is a IC based Buffer PCB with two independent buffers on the PCB.  You can split one input into the two buffers or have two inputs and two outputs (independent of each other).

Would you like a Ready to Solder Circuit Board for the Single IC Buffer project?  (scroll down for a link to buy the Dual Buffer IC)

Would you like a Ready to Solder Circuit Board for the Dual IC Buffer project?

What does a Buffer do?

Your “signal chain” is everything between your guitar and amplifier input, including cables. As your signal chain gets more complex (adding more stompboxes and patch cables) you may start to notice a loss of treble in your guitar sound. Your sound may sound much more dull than it does when you plug guitar straight into the amp with a short cable. Check out this Information about Impedance and Buffers for some information on why this happens.

This Pete Cornish Case against True Bypass Article may do something to explain why a little buffer stompbox may be something useful to you. I believe there is also “A Case for True Bypass” as well, but the article might give you a good idea of what a buffer can do in your signal chain.

Please note that almost all Boss, some Ibanez and some other commercial pedals use a non-bypassed buffer. This means if you have a Boss pedal in your signal chain, then you probably already have a buffer in signal path even when the pedal is in bypass mode.