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Schematics, wiring diagrams and detailed instructions for the best DIY Stompbox effects Projects on the internet.  Ready-to-Solder PCBs or Complete Stompbox Kits are available for many of the projects.  Contact us if you  have any questions.  And don’t forget keep up with the News and to follow us on FaceBook.


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Good and Lovely Kits 10% off!

The Good, The Bad, and the Lovely Kits are on Sale!

On sale this month (March 2018) What we call the Good, the Bad and the Lovely kits are  on sale at 10% off  the original prices.  These are some of our best selling kits, some of our “overlooked”  kits that have, traditionally, not sold well and all are Lovely sounding effects!  Trademarks mentioned here are property of their owners and NOT General Guitar Gadgets  Get a great deal on great sounds this month!  See if you can guess which ones are the top sellers.

The KC Kit,  the OC Distortion Kit, The Tube Screamer Kit, The Red Fuzz, The SD9 kit, the Color Sound Bass Fuzz Kit, The Micro-V kit and the Scrambler Kit