I have a hard time keeping up with all the modern “lingo”.  Seems like a new word or acronym is “in vogue” every day.  BOGO is a new “word” I discovered lately.  Who knows maybe it’s been around for years, sometimes I’m so uncool and miss out.  Apparently it means buy-one-get-one…free”.  But shouldn’t it be BOGOF?   I mean if you buy one wouldn’t you expect to get one?  Maybe it should be BOGNOF – buy-one-get-nuther-one-free.  Or maybe BOGOFFCOL  buy-one-get-one-free-for-cryin’-out-loud.   I hate the fact that people don’t check with me first before they come up with the latest buzz-words!

So there’s something new in the stompbox world called workstations.  Shouldn’t they be called playstations?  Or has that already been taken? But don’t we play the guitar, not work the guitar.  Or maybe we do work the guitar.  If it’s electric, it’s getting to be hard work to make the guitar/effect/amp sounds into music.  

Maybe it shouldn’t be workstations or playstations maybe they should be called “LoveStations”  because you’re just gonna love it… or, maybe, “TrainStations” because it’s so complicated you have to be trained to use it…or maybe “WhetherStations”, because you don’t know “whether” to buy the stompbox for the gig or a used car to get to your part-time job.  

I believe I will call them  SWALOKAS=”Stompbox With A Lot Of Knobs And Switches!”  What do you think?