General Guitar Gadgets – Who We Are – Part 1

GGG Stacks

GGG Stacks

In an effort to let you know more about our business practices, this blog is about our business philosophy.

  • We strive to provide the high level of quality products and service that we ourselves would wish to receive when we buy online from other companies. We want to provide the absolute best quality kits and PCBs on the internet, and we believe we do.
  • We charge fair prices, commensurate with our costs.
  • We don’t hide higher prices in the form of “Shipping & Handling fees”. We use shipping tables for our pricing and set it to be as close to our actual cost as possible.
  • We don’t play psycho-games with you by pricing down by a penny. For example, one of our kits might be priced at $60.00 not $59.99. Pricing at $59.99 is either a form of psychological trickery or an insult to your intelligence. Either way we find it detestable.
  • We are a family business. Our facility is on the same property as our home. All of our labor is done by family members (mostly JD). Important matters are discussed in a family forum. Decisions are sometimes made by what’s best for the family, not what’s best for the business. That’s not to say we compromise our business, just that family is always more important than business.
  • We believe there is right and wrong. We believe there are absolute truths and we believe in truth and not deception and lies. We believe in complete honesty in all business dealings with customers and dealers we buy from.
  • We believe in working six days a week and having one day a week (Saturday) off for a day of complete rest. This is an important part of good physical, mental, and spiritual health. There are also a few times during the year when we take atypical holidays (not government sanctioned).
  • We are not perfect (by any means). We hope you will let us know if you are in anyway unsatisfied with anything we sell or anything listed on the site or if you are unsatisfied by the way you were treated as a customer, dealer or inquirer. We have been working hard on being more diligent to correct errors on the site in a more timely manner. You can help by letting us know about any mistakes you find.

We appreciate your comments.

JD Sleep
General Guitar Gadgets