A Little Known Fact About Our Monthly Specials

Every month we put two kits on sale at a special price 10% off.  What most people don’t know is that the monthly specials overlap for a few days.  So there are actually 4 kits on sale for the first couple of days each month: last month’s and this month’s.  In May (2015) for a couple of days these four kits will all be 10% off:
  • Univox Super Fuzz
  • Tychobrache  Octavia
  • MXR Distortion +  (DOD 250 Overdrive, Ross Distortion)
  • Ibanez Sonic Distortion (SD9)
The Distortion and SD9 kits will be on sale at 10% off all during the month of May (and a couple of days into June).