Welcome to the New Site

I’m JD Sleep and I’d like to welcome you to the new General Guitar Gadgets site.  We’ve been on the internet now for over 16 years!  Reflecting back and looking through all the site content, I can tell my PCB design skills have improved significantly over the last 16 years (Ha!).  I’m still learning.  Over the years we’ve see the do-it-yourself stompbox hobby and community absolutely flourish into something I never would have dreamed when I was a 16 year old kid with my first Craig Anderton book.  I’m so excited to be, and have been, a part of it!  We hope to continue to make positive contributions to the Do-it-yourself guitar effects world.  Sadly, over the years, we’ve inadvertently contributed some negative things as well, through mistakes in the schematics and information on our site.   We hope that , with your help, we can put an end to the mistakes.  A few months ago we began a concentrated effort  to get everything on the site to be as accurate as we possibly can.  We will continue that effort as long as we continue the site.

If you’ve ever lived in the same house or apartment for 16 years or more, you know that sometimes junk starts to accumulate in the not-so-traveled places.  I admit that this also happened to our site.  Moving the site has given us an opportunity to sort out the junk  and throw some away.   So while we were moving, we got rid of some stuff that didn’t really belong on the site anyway and cleaned up quite a bit of the other content.  There is still a few “old” things that need to be refurbished, and we plan on working on finishing that refurbishing as soon as we can.

The future looks good for General Guitar Gadgets.  Our plans are to continue to upgrade PCBs and Kits for the projects we have on the site and to add new and exciting projects.  We hope to expand our line of products and make things as easy as possible for both beginners and “old hands” (like myself), too.

It is with a great love of music and guitars that I sign off now.  We hope you’ll join us on a journey through music and tones that you can make your very own through the wonderful world of do-it-yourself guitar effects electronics.

JD Sleep